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       Envision yourself creating a confident plan of

Where is your path leading you
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      action leading to your next Season!

At Seasonal Pathways we believe that life and career seasons are not prescribed but are a choice, and to achieve the season you want, you need to be strategic.  As transitional specialists, we provide a unique approach to help executive leaders and emerging leaders see past the ambiguity of the future, thrive in their current situation, and prepare a strategic pathway into the next exciting season of life. 

Where is your path leading you?

We are transitional specialists helping you prepare for the next season of your career or personal life.

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The Pathways Director Credential!

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ECE Director Credential

The purpose of this program is to enhance the leadership skills of center-based directors and those interested in effective ECE program administration. Developed according to national standards, we strongly believe the Pathways National ECE Director's Credential meets and/or exceeds the requirements of many state standards for equivalent credentials. (Read more)

The Pathways Distinctive:

While it is important for the director of an ECE program to understand and ensure the state and national standards of a safe, healthy, and developmentally appropriate program, the Pathways National ECE Director Credential approaches these responsibilities through the perspective, roles, and responsibility of leadership. A good director  has extensive knowledge and experience in day-to-day operations and how to provide for a safe and appropriate learning environment. However, a great director acknowledges their greater responsibility, knowing how to lead those individuals who are actually providing  care and education in the classroom.  A great director knows how to equip, empower, encourage, and monitor his/her team, in order to achieve specific outcomes that meet state, national, and philosophical standards. 

If you are looking for a higher level leadership centric program, this one is for you!

National ECE Director's Credential
Overview & Application Process

Imagine having a support group throughout your personal journey!


Leaders Supporting Leaders

Mature Leaders sharing wisdom and experience, Emerging Leaders sharing insights into the issue of today's world.

  Together we make a powerful
team of learners.  

Executives & Owners:
Are you looking to move up or beyond? 

There comes a time of awareness in the life of every leader when they know the time to pass the baton is rapidly approaching. Now the wise leader not only embraces the opportunity to pass on the mantle of leadership, but has created a strategic plan for their exit, replicated themselves, and empowered others who could take their place when it's time to move up or onward into your next season.

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Explore the Emerging Leader
within you!
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Sometimes we know in the depths of our being that it's time to move on.  It often starts with a little nudge you feel in your soul, a quiet whisper in your mind, or a sense of dissatisfaction that tells you there is something more for you out there.  
However, when we ignore these quiet little messages from our internal self, we often experience greater issues, concerns, and crises when change is finally forced upon us and we haven't taken the time to prepare.  

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