Advancing Leadership

Validate Your Leadership According to National Standards!

The Pathways National ECE Director Credential was developed at the request of national ECE organization specifically to enhance the leadership skills of center-based directors and those interested in effective ECE program administration.

The criteria is equivalent to national standards in order to achieve state licensing approval where applicable. However, we strongly believe the Pathways National ECE Director Credential meets and/or exceeds the requirements of many state standards for equivalent credential due to its strong focus on the principles and practices of effective leadership.

The enrollment for this program requires applicants to meet specific qualifications for entrance into the program. (The application form can be downloaded here.) The seven modules are self-paced, however, must be completed within one year of the enrollment date.

Certificates are awarded upon completion, and valid for five years.

The Pathways Distinctive:​​​
While it is important for the director of an ECE program to understand and ensure the state and national standards of a safe, healthy, and developmentally appropriate program, the Pathways National ECE Director Credential approaches these responsibilities through the perspective, roles, and responsibility of leadership.

A good director has extensive knowledge and experience in day-to-day operations and how to provide for a safe and appropriate learning environment. However, a great director acknowledges their greater responsibility, knowing how to lead those individuals who are actually providing care and education in the classroom. A great director knows how to equip, empower, encourage, and monitor his/her team, in order to achieve specific outcomes that meet state, national, and philosophical standards.

​ If you are looking for a higher-level leadership centric program, this one is for you! Take a look at your journey to becoming a credential ECE leader!

 Tuition: $595*

*Members of the Association of Early Learning Leaders (AELL) and the Association of Christian Early Educators (ACEE) receive additional tuition discounts.