Robin Stephenson, M.Ed.


Supporting Leaders in navigating today's challenges and strategizing for tomorrow's future.

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Robin’s professional experience includes serving as a teacher and administrator; executive program leader; vice president; college professor; entrepreneur and business owner. Her training and support of staff and specifically, women in leadership reaches throughout the United States, Canada, England, Romania, Hungry, The Philippines, Hong Kong, South America, and South Africa.  Over the past 30 years, Robin has served on the board of directors of three national educational organizations and her leadership helped to make a difference in the education of young children, and in the lives of those who serve them.

Robin's Leadership Style Assessment is that of a Metamodern Leader

She enjoys being on the innovative edge, pushing leadership and organizations forward. Paradox and complexity are invigorating to her. She is that rare person who balances pragmatism and idealism with sincerity. With a strong imagination and a willingness to take calculated risks, she enjoys envisioning a bright future for all she works with. While knowing that the role of a leader requires some artifice, she also understands how authenticity can deeply connect to her work and the people she works with. She values the opportunity to empower others to share the role of leadership and helps her co-create a better world. 


Debra Rodriguez,

Chief Administration Officer

Supporting Leaders in navigating through life and career transitions


Debra Rodriguez has over 30 years of experience in the field of early childhood education. She began her career offering in-home childcare in Montana in 1990 and opened her first childcare center two years later. During her time in the field, she worked in all roles from classroom teacher to administrator. She later went on to become co-owner and Executive Administrator of 5 successful centers in Alaska and held that position for 20 years. Debra currently sits on the board of The Association for Early Learning Leaders where she chairs the membership committee. Debra has a strong desire to help other professionals navigate through life and career transitions and is a valued member of the Seasonal Pathways family.

Following a successful career in the world of education and as an entrepreneur,  she now enjoys living and working in the mountains of Colorado where she values the opportunity to work with a select group of clients.  Robin’s focus is on sharing her skills, experience, and expertise in supporting leaders through high-level transitions whether that be an emerging leader, an executive, or an owner who wants to move up the corporate ladder or is looking for an exit plan for their next season in life.

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Debra's Leadership Style Assessment is that of a Front-line Leader

She knows how to be genuine and present during interpersonal interactions.  She has the emotional intelligence to feel empathy and knows how to express it. Her authenticity means she is generous and shares herself with others. Storytelling is one of her strengths; it's how she connects with people and engages them in a shared vision.  Perhaps her biggest gift is the ability to empower the people around her to achieve their best.  


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