Emerging Leaders
Creating Successful & Meaningful Pathways
Towards Greater Leadership 

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Seasons of transition can be completed fairly quickly, however, in most cases, it truly is a journey that requires much thought and detours along with the creation of pathways. Because this journey is a personal one, you have many opportunities to make choices along the way.  You may feel you can navigate the journey completely on your own.  You may want to engage just a bit of support to get you going, or help you through a particularly tough season.  For others, engaging in the full journey provides a sense of releasing the tension and stress of trying to figure everything out for yourself.  Feel free to call for a free 20-minute conversation to ask questions and see if the program you choose is a good fit for you and your needs.  


Emerging Pathways


  • Personal Coach

  • Two 30-min calls per month

  • Personal Seasonal Transition 
    Discovery Journal
    - create and record your personal journey

  • Monthly Empowered Choices newsletter with productivity tips, EQ information, and encouragement

  • Video Access

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