Team Transitioning

If the leader wants to be successful in transitioning out of their day-to-day work responsibilities and into a new role, several things must be in place to allow the transition to happen.



First, ensure you have sufficiently groomed others to take your place.  This requires skillful planning and letting go to empower others to make decisions you used to make, and it requires time to build trust.



Second, you need to take a step back and look for the "holes" in your current system that need to be filled before you move on, this requires strategic planning.


Regardless of whether you are transitioning to a new position, or letting go of a business you built over a number of years, the process of making the best choice and initiating seasonal transitions is pretty much the same.


Leaving a highly responsible position can be simply a seasonal change that you are now old enough and wise enough to create for yourself. It's a seasonal change where you will learn new things, prepare for a season of renewal, experience excitement, even a bit of stress, and many many rewards.

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To ensure your business is set up for success whether you are in the business or not, you need to have a clear, strong, implementable strategic plan.  This plan is the way your business defines its strategy or direction and makes appropriate decisions on allocating its resources to pursue the specified goals and expected outcomes. 

$3000 - $6000 


It often becomes overwhelming when working with your leadership and or admin team and you just need a bit of support in what to communicate and what to delegate.  In this service, we provide 2 1-hr sessions to develop your intentions and expectations, Two 1-hr sessions with your staff, and a final 1 hr follow-up.  All sessions are conducted via Zoom, however, on-site meetings can be arranged.  Contact us for an on-site quote. 



Growing and mentoring emerging leaders can be complicated and time-consuming.  Seasonal Pathways offers a series of customizable coaching sessions for potential executives qualified to replace the outgoing leadership. 

$400+ per month


In most cases, we are able to customize our time with you and your staff to address specific issues, or help you create a plan of action.  

Schedule an appointment for a time to talk with Robin about your need and options for solutions to your concerns. 

$ Prices vary

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