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Are you ready to investigate and explore your options for your next personal or professional season? 

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Welcome to the Pathways Community

Sometimes we know in the depths of our being that it's time to move on.  It often starts with a little nudge you feel in your soul, a quiet whisper in your mind, or a sense of dissatisfaction that tells you there is something more for you out there.  
However, when we ignore these quiet little messages from our internal self, we often experience greater issues, concerns, and crises when change is finally forced upon us and we haven't taken the time to prepare.  

If you know in your heart of hearts that you want to increase your professionalism and embrace what the universe has in store for you, then join the Pathways Community and get ready for an amazing journey. 

Are you ready to prepare for your next season?

~ Weekly challenges~Monthly Guides~Personal Journal~Community Discussions~Video Access

Weekly Challenge

Receive a weekly email that will challenge your thinking, 

productivity, and leadership 

journey.  Its design is to encourage your leadership growth and successful pathway achievement.

Monthly Guides

Your Monthly Guide includes tips and strategies to help you over come obstacles along your path.  Q&A's from community members are also addressed.  Monthly guides may be written or a personal video from Robin.

Personal Professional Clarity Journal

You will receive a copy of the Personal Professional Clarity Self-Guided Journal.  Designed to help you analyze the past and how it impacts your current leadership and use the results to create milestones for the future. 

Community Discussions

Monthly Q & A Community  discussions  via Zoom.  Guest leaders from the community and expert panelist will be hosting the discussions. 

Video Access

Receive exclusive access to leadership "shorts" and advance access to YouTube channel videos.  

. . . all this for only $ 29 Month