3 Basic Steps to Leveling Up your Leadership Potential

When someone, like you, has the desire to level up their leadership potential, it literally

means they will be transitioning from one stage of their career to another. When choosing to level up leadership specifically, it means you will be taking on the responsibility, or taking on greater responsibility to encourage, coach, and lead others to a specific outcome. Do you want to level up your leadership potential, but you don't quite know how or where to begin? Start by initiating the following 3 Basic Steps to Leveling Up Your Leadership Potential.

First, it’s important to understand your intrinsic and extrinsic motivations. It can be quite devastating to spend time and money on equipping yourself for a position you think you want, only to find it’s really not a good fit after all. Therefore, begin by asking yourself these three questions:

I. What is your Season of Leadership?

What season of leadership are you currently in and what is the next level on your career ladder?

  • If you are new to leadership or it’s a new field of study for you, you may be considered an Emerging Leader. In this season you are looking for first time opportunities to impact the work of other in a specific area or field.

  • Advancing Leaders are those that have had several years of successful leadership and are now ready to take on additional responsibilities. It may be in the same field and/or company, or it may be an opportunity to use their expertise in a completely different field or organization.

  • In the season of life we used to call retirement, there is a new and more appropriate term for leaders and that is as a Repurposed Leader. This powerful term connotates the value of a person’s knowledge, skills, experience, and the need for it to be passed on to others.

Knowing where you fit in the seasons of leadership will help guide you towards the correct pathway to your next season.

II. What’s your Why?

This is where you really dig into your intrinsic and extrinsic motivations. Set time aside to ask yourself these questions. Write down your answers, it will make you think a bit deeper about what comes to mind and how it will impact your leadership journey.

  • What's in it for you? What do you think/hope taking on additional leadership responsibilities will do for you?

  • What's in it for others? What examples come to mind where you have led others to achieve goals?

  • How will you taking on greater leadership make a difference to your current company or a future career move?

III. How will you achieve your goal?

Dreaming of a new position, the idea of leading others to greatness, and the vision of a future career that makes an impact, are great wishes.

The most important step in leveling

up your leadership is to clearly understand what it will take to achieve your goal as well as a commitment to making it happen. You do that by using the ICE method.

  • Identify what you want – paint a clear picture with words of what you want to achieve

  • Clarify what it will take to get there – break down every milestone that will lead to your goal

  • Execute through actions – breakdown your milestones into bite size steps with deadlines and commit the time and resources to achieving them.

For more information on how initiate each of these steps, consider one of our free webinars, which is a great way to start creating your pathway into your next season!

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