5 Obstacles to your Seasonal Transition Goals

Updated: Apr 4

Setting goals for your business is a given for owners and executive leaders. The challenge often arises when you add your own personal goals on top of the annual strategic plans for the business. When this happens, and it will for several reasons, you may become discouraged, give up, or lose focus on creating a timely entry into your next season.

Our obstacles can be external by way of our personal workload. They can be internal due to our mental strength, or they can simply be out of habit, it’s the way you’ve always done things.

The following are five common obstacles you may face in achieving your goals, and strategies for turning them into a successful win for both you and your business.

Each of these obstacles will be addressed in greater length in future blogs and videos

1. Fear of the future

  • Planning a successful Season of Choice may take too much effort and I’m too busy already!

  • I don’t know what I don’t know.

  • I’m not sure I’m ready.

  • What if I let go of the surety of today, and don’t like the results of tomorrow?

2. Engaging in sabotaging behaviors that lead to self-fulfilling prophecies

  • Negative Thinking

  • Lacking Confidence leads to negative self-talk Read Atomic Habits by James Clear (Link to Amazon)

  • Fear of failure: You may be afraid you will either fail the business or yourself. Successful people utilize failure as a growth opportunity. Use your disappointing outcomes as a stretch in your life-long educational journey.

3. Distractions

  • Manage interruption whenever possible.

  • Set a specific time such as a 20-min stretch to minimize losing focus

  • Turn off your phone and social media.

  • Communicate to colleagues and/or family members how long you will be unavailable.

  • Becoming impatient because you don’t see quick results. Persevere, you will see forward motion eventually.

  • Avoid multi-tasking

4. Commitment

  • Remember, setting a goal is not like making a wish

  • Give “someday” a start date & deadline – the perfect time will never arrive

  • Set a timeline with milestones

  • Just do it…don’t wait to be motivated: Set an appointment for yourself on your calendar and honor it

  • Don’t be a quitter

5. Set and Manage Goals Appropriately

  • Scaffold your efforts to focus your energy and activities

  • Set one to three annual goals, however, they may have many tasks which will be achieved through a process of managed actions and activities.

  • Use Power of 3

o Three annual goals

o Three milestones per goal per quarter

o Three major tasks per goal per month

o Three activities per goal per week

  • Master your time

  • Track your progress

WHAT WE DO . . .

We help you prepare for a successful exit from your day-to-day work responsibilities and free you to enter into and enjoy your next season of life.

Each owner/executive eventually enters into a final season of leadership in their current position or business. A Season of Choices provides a unique approach to help leaders see past the ambiguity of the future and prepare for the emotional obstacles many didn't realize will come their way. We begin by defining what you want your next season to like, and then work together to prepare a road map for a confident and meaningful journey when transitioning out of an executive position or ownership of a small business and into a world full of opportunity and choices.

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