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Pathways Community

This is where you will find subscription benefits for the Pathways Community.  

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FREE 1 Month Subscription:  Subscribe to the Pathways community for free the month of April. 

What's up in April?

FREE OFFER: During the month of April, join the Pathways Community at no cost.  Beginning May 1, the cost is only $29 per month for a whole host of great support and resources to move you through your leadership journey.  Read more here.

April 1:  Pathway Monthly Guide Emailed

  • The guide provides a template to adjust/create your Pathway, Milestones. and tasks that move you along your journey. 

  • It also provides a list of upcoming events and launch dates you won't want to miss.

  • The guide gives subscribers advanced notice of upcoming events and first option to register for limited sized events. 

Coming in May


Free 30 Day Propel Your Leadership Challenge. 5-day training on how to become a leadership magnet